To increase the durability and ensure the integrity of the materials it is advisable that the storage and handling follow some basic guidelines.


  • Storage in closed rooms (recommended): ensure ventilation and a mild temperature
  • Outdoor storage: not recommended
  • Protect products from moisture, vapors, rain and any risk of condensation
  • Avoid contact or exposure to corrosive substances (chemicals, solvents, toxic vapors)
  • Long-term storage: systematic and periodic verification of the absence of moisture
  • Provide at least 15 cm of free space between the packing base and the ground to ensure good ventilation
  • Support long pieces with additional blocks positioned at intermediate lengths to prevent them from folding
  • The plastic casing, if used, should not completely wrap the product
  • Protective films on metal surfaces must be removed as soon as possible and no later than the time limit indicated by the manufacturer (maximum 30 days, not applicable to coils or bundles)
  • Ground storage: use protective felt, alternating the painted sides (bottom: rear side facing down)


  • When handling with forklifts: use protections on the forks
  • Manual handling of long pieces: at least two people must be involved, using clean and dry gloves
  • Mechanical movement: use pneumatic or magnetic suction cup