COATEEL® is the result of our capacity for innovation combined with technical expertise and production flexibility to meet customer needs promptly.
Synergy between several different layers that interact to reinforce the galvanised carbon steel base substrate ensures maximum performance in terms of corrosion and UV resistance, brilliance, elasticity, and durability, as well as a wide range of colour.
Our specialised team is available to study the most effective solution in partnership with the customer, based on the final application.

COATEEL® is produced in Ravenna, Italy, in Marcegaglia’s largest metalworking plant, the main logistic and intermodal hub of all the group’s industrial activities, which has been updated to the leading Industry 4.0 technologies thanks to a major investment plan, which has increased fivefold over the last twenty years, and which has led to the doubling of COATEEL® coil and sheet metal production capacities


A different paint for every product need.

PE polyester
PE PA polyester-polyamide
PE MOD modified polyester
PE FLEX long chain polyester
PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride
PUR polyurethane
PUR PA polyurethane reinforced with polyamide
PUR MOD modified polyurethane
SPE super polyester
SPE PA super polyester-polyamide
SPE PUR super polyester – polyurethane
PLASTISOL polyvinyl chloride PVC

Depending on the final application, various types of anti-corrosion primer are used to increase resistance to corrosion, including in extreme situations.

PE epoxy-polyester primer
PUR polyurethane primer
ACR acrylic primer

Galvanized steel with a wide choice in terms of quality and excellence of forming properties, a Marcegaglia guarantee of the finished product’s durability over time and protection against corrosion.

Z100, Z140, Z200, Z225, Z275

Base coat (5/7, 10 or 12 μm) in epoxy-polyester, guaranteeing adhesion to PUR-PIR foams and polyurethane glues.
Temporary resistance to chemical aggression, good workability.